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As a big fan of Covergirl cosmetics, i always go for them as 1st option when its time to buy make up. But last week i bought the Bombshell Volume Mascara, and i even bought 4(For My Mom,My Grandma, My Aunt and I) ! We used it the first day and we thought they really worked but when we we were taking them off at night. Our lashes begin to fall, and my eyes started getting all big and red. Leaving my Grandma with a huge space due to the fallen lashes. Im really really pissed Covergirl.

(The photo down here are my grandmas eyes after she removed the mascara with Water only)

Maria J.


Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Try your products before selling them on public. .

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That is why i stop buying drugstore and supermarket make up. It is a shame though, cause actually USA have the best products, i always avoid anything made in China, Russia or Germany, only France, Italy and USA, still can be trusted.


That's why I use Maybeline! Their mascara is awesome!

Savannah, Georgia, United States #931604

Mine look the exact same way! I have a huge gap in the center were at least 15 eyelashes fell out.

And for a woman it is so noticeable and I feel like I look like a complete weirdo.

It takes 4 months for eyelashes to grow back! I have to wear false eyelashes or get eyelash extensions, which are EXPENSIVE, to look normal again.

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